Upcoming Events

28th May (Monday)

-    School Re-opens

5th June (Tuesday)

-    World Environment Day

11th June (Monday)

-    Classes begin for Pre-Nursery & LKG

16th June (Saturday)

-    Id-Ul Fitr

23rd June (Saturday)

-    Recitation Competition/Nomination for Students Council

7th July (Saturday)

-    Investiture Ceremony

11th July (Wednesday)

-    World Population Day

16th July (Monday)

-    FA-1 for 1 to 10

21st July (Saturday)

-    Drawing Competition

23rd July (Monday)

-    Unit test for LKG

28th July (Saturday)

-    Open Day

5th Aug (Sunday)

-    Friendship Day

11th Aug (Saturday)

-    Science Club Activity

15th Aug (Wednesday)

-    Independence Day

22nd Aug (Wednesday)

-    Bakrid

24th Aug (Friday)

-    Vara Mahalakshmi Vrata

25th Aug (Saturday)

-    Speech Competition

27th Aug (Monday)

-    FA-2 for LKG- 10

5th Sept (Wednesday)

-    Teachers Day

8th Sept (Saturday)

-    Open Day

12th Sept (Wednesday)

-    Swarna Gowri Vrata

13th Sept (Thursday)

-    Ganesh Chaturthi

21st Sept (Friday)

-    Muharram

22nd Sept (Saturday)

-    Essay Writing Competition

30th Sept (Sunday)

-    Founder's Day

2nd Oct (Tuesday)

-    Gandhi Jayanthi

3rd Oct (Wednesday)

-    SA-1 begins

8th Oct (Monday)

-    Mahalaya Amavasya

12th Oct (Friday)

-    Dasara Holiday begins

18th Oct (Thursday)

-    Ayudh Pooja

19th Oct (Friday)

-    Vijayadashami

22nd Oct (Monday)

-    School Re-opens

24th Oct (Wednesday)

-    Maharshi Valmiki Jayanthi

27th Oct (Saturday)

-    Open Day

1st Nov (Thursday)

-    Kannada Rajyotsava Day

6th Nov (Tuesday)

-    Naraka Chaturdashi

8th Nov (Thursday)

-    Bali Padyami

10th Nov (Saturday)

-    Debate Competition

14th Nov (Wednesday)

-    Children's Day

21st Nov (Wednesday)

-    Id-E-Milad

23rd Nov (Friday)

-    Annual Sports Meet

24th Nov (Saturday)

-    Annual Sports Meet

26th Nov (Monday)

-    Kanakadasa Jayanthi

13th Dec (Thursday)

-    FA-3 for LKG to 10

22nd Dec (Saturday)

-    Open Day

23rd Dec (Sunday)

-    Christmas Holiday begins

25th Dec (Tuesday)

-    Christmas

1st Jan (Tuesday)

-    New Year

2nd Jan (Wednesday)

-    School Re-opens

15th Jan (Tuesday)

-    Makara Sankranthi

19th Jan (Saturday)

-    Rangoli Competition

24th Jan (Thursday)

-    Feat of St. Francis De-sales

26th Jan (Saturday)

-    Republic Day

11th Feb (Monday)

-    FA-4 for LKG to 10

23rd Feb (Saturday)

-    Open Day

4th March (Monday)

-    Maha Shivarathri

18th March (Monday)

-    SA-2

6th April (Saturday)

-    Ugadi

11th April (Thursday)

-    School Closes

14th April (Sunday)

-    Ambedkar Jayanthi

18th April (Thursday)

-    Maundy Thursday

19th April (Friday)

-    Good Friday

21st April (Sunday)

-    Easter