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SFS High School

SFS High School is run by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS) of South West India Province. The MSFS fathers have 170 years of experience and expertise in imparting quality higher education all over the world. SFS High School is a minority institution with a very secular outlook. Students of all castes, religions, creeds and languages are admitted to be part of this temple of learning. The school has been instituted in the year 1982 with the motto Knowledge, Love, Service.

The School is named after St. Francis de Sales, the patron of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, who considered knowledge as the eighth sacrament. We believe that, true education is directed towards the formation of the human person in view of their ultimate goal in life and the good of the society.

The school envision to provide a centre of excellence for a holistic formation of the young who are capable of both transforming themselves and of acting as catalysts of transformation in the society so as to become epitomes of efficiency, in mastering their life-situations and in building a progressive and secular nation.
In realizing the vision we are committed to the mission of imparting quality education with professional skills to inculcate cultural and moral values, and to strengthen humanism.