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The science and nature club activity was held on 25th June 2022. The purpose of this activity was to promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the scientific world among the students. The club helps the students in problem solving, critical thinking and development of psychomotor skill. In a nutshell they are encouraged to learn as they play, there by developing their hidden talents. The various activities were conducted according to their grade levels
• CLASS 1 – 4 : Drawing ( Topic – Nature)
• CLASS 5 – 6 : Drawing ( Topic – Pollution)
• CLASS 7- 8 : Collage ( Topic – Forest our life line)
• CLASS 9 – 10 : Poster making ( Topic – Save soil)

The club inauguration was held on 18th June 2022. The students actively participated in various clubs like;
- Nature club – The students donated different kinds of plants which added greenery to the school
- Literary club – A flash mob with their performance kept the children occupied about their activities.
- Hindi department – A song based Jnanpith award winners was presented.
- Kannada department – A poem penned by the teacher was read out, children were encouraged to write poems.
- Science club – They promoted the development of the skills such as critical thinking, experimentation and problem solving which will facilitate thje overall development of the student’s personality.
- Art and Craft club - It brought out the inner creative talents of the students. This club helped to identify the young artists among the students.